JBJ is an award winning recording studio and record label based in West London. Our team of engineers specialse in making impactful records that sound great across all platforms.

The studio is an industry standard facility built around a factory new SSL AWS 924 console and was built by Graham Whitehead of Ethos Acoustics (Radio 3, Royal opera house).

We offer a full range of services including recording, mixing and mastering. Get in touch today

JBJ Media

Our record label office is headed up by Philip Jones/Catapult media and is based out of Rainbow House on Portobello Road, London. We’re interested in new and exciting projects and enjoy listening to all kinds of music please get in touch here. Due the amount of submissions we receive we can’t guarantee a response


Professional voiceover has never been more important. Audiences demand high quality from digital media such as e-learning videos, apps and audio books. JBJ has one of the best equipped Voice over studios in London. Our acoustically dry room is very comfortable and ensures incredibly detailed, accurate recording.

Recent voice-over clients include Apple UK, NHS and Vodafone



  • SSL AWS 924
  • Euphonix Avid controller

Preamps / interface

  • Fearn VT2
  • AML Neve 1081 preamps x 4
  • Morbin Audio 1176 compressor (blue stripe)
  • GML Massenburg 8200 stereo eq
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor
  • Focusrite red 1 x 4
  • Drawmer 1960 valve compressor x 2
  • SSL 4000 buss compressor

Converter AD/DA

  • Focusrite rednet 2 (x2) 32 in/out


  • Chord SPA 612
  • Palmer monicon
  • PMC tb2+
  • Krk 7000b
  • Audio technica MTH-350x


  • Neumann tlm 170r
  • Brauner VM1
  • Audio technica 4033a x 2
  • Aston spirit x 1
  • Aston origin x 2
  • Se R1 ribbon x 2
  • AKG d112 x 3
  • Shure sm57 x 3
  • Shure sm58 x 10
  • Ev re20 x 1


  • Protools 12
  • Waves bundle
  • NI Komplete 7
  • Melodyne
  • Autotune
  • Slate everything bundle
  • Trigger 2 with all expansions

Instruments & Pedals


  • Fender telecaster USA x 2
  • Fender Stratocaster Japanese x 2
  • Gibson 335
  • Martin dx1
  • Martin J-40
  • Martin dcx1ae
  • Fender jazz bass
  • Fender precision bass
  • Status 5 string active bass


  • Kemble upright piano
  • Roland rd 64 fully weighted keyboard
  • M audio midi / usb controller


  • Mapex pro m kit
  • Pearl export kit
  • Roland td 6 kit with brain


  • Vox ac30
  • Bad cat Hot Cat 30
  • Vox ac15
  • Orange tiny terror
  • Marshall JCM 900
  • Tc electronic 1×15 bass combo
  • Hartke HA 3500


  • Fulltone ocd
  • King of klone
  • Elextro harmonix HOG mk1
  • Blackstar ht dual
  • Artec analogue delay x 2
  • Boss expression pedal
  • Electro harmonix big muff
  • Electro Harmonix Memory man
  • Boss Space Echo
  • Strymon Big Sky
  • MXL Compressor
  • MXL Carbon Copy


Jamie Brown Profile Pic

Jamie Brown

Jamie has achieved multiple national radio playlists for artists as a producer and mixer. Including BBC radio 1, 2 and 6 music. He has worked with artists such as Will Heard, Two door cinema club, Lucy Rose, Razorlight and Scouting for girls. Jamie has recently received critical acclaim as Bloxx record producer and mixer. He can pretty much play every instrument in the world, enabling him to encourage great performances out of artists.

Conor Mangan Profile Pic

Conor Mangan

Conor is a classically trained musician with a degree from Leeds college of music. With extensive knowledge in composition and arrangement he excels in song writing and structuring. Conor has worked in some of the best recording studios in London both as a producer and as a multi instrumentalist. Clients include 12 Dirty Bullets, Jamieson, Moxie Kicks, Barricades, Bess Atwell, Adu and Mata. He’s always happy to help artists find that killer guitar hook or bass line that changes something from good to great.

Alistair Tildersley Profile Pic

Alistair Tildersley

Alistair is in the final stages of his degree at the SAE institute, London. He started as an assistant at JBJ and has been working closely with the team ever since. As well as assisting at JBJ, Alistair has enginered at RAK, Maltbarn and Foel for bands such as Coax, Bloxx and Slowlights. His calm, methodical approach to engineering make him a favourite with clients and artists. Perhaps best of all, he makes an incredible cuppa.

Oscar Profile Pic


Oscar is our head of security. He can often be seen patrolling the facility making sure no beef goes down (pun intended). He likes sausages, sausages and err sausages.